About us
About us

About us

We are Data Law Consultancy – that’s what we do!

Data Law Consultancy, in German Datenrecht Beratungsgesellschaft or DRGB, is a premier legal service specializing in data-related legal matters. We provide comprehensive services for corporate clients seeking advice on a wide range of data compliance issues. Our services will help clients comply with national and international data protection laws, as well as other relevant regulations concerning the handling of data. Our experienced attorneys, legal experts and technology specialists will provide legal advice on data regulation compliance and help develop customized data protection strategies that best meet our client’s needs.

Company Overview

Data Law Consultancy (DRBG) is a service firm providing specialized services for corporate clients seeking advice on data protection, privacy, and security compliance. Our experienced attorneys and technology experts will provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of data-related law and the associated technology. DRBG can advise the clients on the full range of data compliance regulations, including national and international data protection laws, GDPR, BDSG, CCPA, PIPL etc.

DRBG is based in the city of Baunatal by Kassel and has a team of experienced lawyers, legal experts and technology experts who are well-versed in the law and the latest technologies. Our team of experts comes from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from traditional law to computer science, enabling us to provide a complete solution for our clients.

Our specialists are available to advise and represent our clients in legal proceedings and business negotiations related to data law. We also undertake legal audits of existing systems, provide services as external data protection officers, assist in designing and planning new systems, and provide data compliance training to clients.

Why you should choose us!

Data law is a rapidly growing area of law, thanks to the emergence of new technologies, new sources of data and new regulations that need to be complied with. Businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of data compliance and are looking for legal advice and services to help them meet their goals. We are a specialized service provider with experienced lawyers and technology experts who are experienced in data-related legal matters.

We believe the market for data law services will continue to grow as businesses become more aware of the need for data compliance and seek help from reliable legal professionals to help them stay compliant.